The city

Milan’s pace of life is quicker than most Italian cities. Milan, the style capital of Italy, is an elegant city with its wide, tree-lined boulevards and graceful architecture. With nearly two million inhabitants, it is not only the economic, financial and banking capital of Italy but also brings to mind culture, La Scala, fashion, design and technology. But above all Milan is a young city! It is a city which can boast 5 Universities or Higher Education Institutes among the best in Italy and Europe attracting students from all over the world. Fashion, Design, Architecture, Music, Economics, Fine Arts are prominent fields of studies in Milan.

On the forefront of fashion and design, Milan also offers great places to go out. Theatre and cinema flourish in this fashionable milieu, as does a lively club scene. It’s all about lifestyle in Italy’s most dynamic and future oriented city.


The school Milan

The school since since 1990 has been offering international students the opportunity to learn Italian in Milan, in a friendly and thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere.

The school is in an excellent location in the centre of Milan in a well-known street in the commercial area in a beautiful art nouveau building. Easily accessible as it is close to the Underground station Lima.

The school offers comfortable, well-equipped and air conditioned classrooms, provided with audio and video equipment, free internet and wireless access, an excellent social activities program and high-quality accommodation and it has a partnership with the most important Academic and Higher Education Institutes for Design, Architecture and Fashion.

  • Levels: from A1 to C2
  • Minimum age: 18 anni.
  • Students per Class: Max 14
  • Lessons : 45 min.
  • Minimum: Two weeks
  • Starting dates : Every Monday.

Standard Course 

20 Lessons per week

The Italian standard course is designed for participants who need to improve their Italian skills for general use. Group sizes are small and you will be able to develop your Italian skills, focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The aim of the course is to develop your practical and communication skills in Italian. By learning and practicing Italian in fun and focused lessons you will increase your confidence in using Italian, consolidate your language knowledge and achieve greater fluency.

During the course you will use a textbook which you can purchase at school and your teacher will provide extra learning material for each class. As no translation is used in the classroom you will be making rapid progress in Italian.

Intensive Course

30 lessons per week

This course is designed for motivated students who need to improve their Italian language skills either for general use or for their study or work. In the morning in the Standard course you will develop your general Italian language skills. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to spend more time to focus on specific aspects of Italian language and culture. 

Depending on the level, in the afternoon classes will focus is on spoken communication through discussions, role plays, conversations. You will also be given an insight into Italian culture and lifestyle through lectures and practical language activities. 

Super-Intensive Course

30 lessons per week (20 in group + 10 individual)

This option allows you to combine a Standard course in the morning with individual lessons in the afternoon. This is a flexible language course suited to your individual needs. You can concentrate on improving specific aspects of the language and on developing the abilities and the vocabulary needed in your professional life or for your studies.

While learning in a group is stimulating and challenging, the individual tuition provides maximum concentration on special requirements which are established by a questionnaire we previously send you , in which you can indicate the language needs you would like to focus on. 

You will benefit both from group interaction and a personalized language training.

One to One Course

20 / 30 / 40 lessons per week

This fully personalized, intensive language training is particularly suited to professionals and executives. This course is tailored to meet the needs of the participants with requirements in specific language areas. The one-to-one course includes a detailed language needs analysis which is previously sent to you and allows you to specify your needs and objectives before the course starts. Your input will help us draft a fully tailor-made course of direct practical relevance for you and for your specific needs. You will be working with two or more teachers, each with a special program suited to your needs. A one-to-one program will quickly improve your general or specialized Italian knowledge.

Italian + Fashion and Interior Design

28 Lessons per week

In Milan one of the world’s capital for design you have the opportunity to attend a 4 weeks summer program combining Italian language course in the morning with interior or fashion design course in the afternoon. These practical courses are open to participants wishing to get in touch with the world of Italian design and creativity. An elementary knowledge of Italian language is required as the design programs are held in Italian.


The courses are open to participants wishing to get in touch with the world of Italian fashion design. The course provides for an outline of the fundamentals of fashion design, and what is required to formulate ideas and translate them into a coherent visual representation. Students will learn about the creative process and how to conceive a fashion collection. No previous experience in fashion is requested.


The course aims to prepare students to plan an interior design project: from initial measurements, to understanding how to furnish interior spaces. Class-time will be a mixture of in-class presentations and practical assignments where students will develop projects and assignments based on lessons given in class. You will be able to learn about trends in contemporary interior design and improve your aesthetic sense and skills in décor. Students will explore the history of Italian Design over the last century.

Preparatory Course for University

25 lessons per week

This school prepares students for degree programs with selective entry which require an admission test: Architecture, Design and Engineering.

First part: Italian for academic purposes.

The program is designed to help students achieve the academic Italian language requirements to access Italian Universities. The course will provide students with the language and study skills needed for the Italian examination which is a mandatory requirement for international students applying on Bachelors Degrees in Italy.

The course will teach following skills: comprehending academic texts, writing and making oral presentations, discussing ideas or information taken from a scientific text, independent learning skills, vocabulary expansion.
Second part: Academic subjects.

The course curriculum is tailored to the fields the students plan to study at the University and to the exams they need to take to be admitted to a particular department.

Students are given a specific training for scientific subjects as as Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Logic etc. according to the degree course chosen by the student.

The course is structured according to the indications given by the Italian Ministry of Education on the content of the test.

In the courses students will learn about how the exams works and they will get plenty of practice using the types of questions they will see in the exam. Student will exercise also on past exam tests.

Lessons    25 lessons per week (45 minutes per lessons) 

Duration 9 weeks

Groups Max. 15 students

Requirements CEF Level B1

Short program for University entrance examination 

30 lessons per week

Students may also attend a shorter and very intensive session focusing exclusively on the scientific subjects. The school prepare students for degree programs which require an admission test: Architecture, Design and Engineering. We offer a preparatory course for Architecture in Italian and in English.

Lessons 30 lessons per week (45 minutes per lessons) 

Duration 4 weeks

GroupsMax. 15 students

Requirements CEF Level B1 LanguageCourses are held in Italian and in English (Architecture)

Individual Preparatory Course for CILS Exam 

10 Lessons per week

This school, being accredited by the Università per Stranieri di Siena as examination centre for the CILS certification, organizes throughout the year one-to-one preparatory courses.

CILS examination assesses 6 levels of Italian language knowledge according to the Common European Framework: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. For each level the exam tests following language abilities: listening, reading, grammar, writing and speaking.

The individual course will allow you to focus on strengthening your knowledge, understand the areas you need to work on the most and will prepare you to pass the exam successfully.

CILS Certification at B1/B2 level is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and can grant acceptance in any Italian University or higher education institution in Italy.

Holders of a B1/B2 CILS certification are exempted from taking the Italian language test which is mandatory for Academic studies in Italy.

Preparatory Course for Fashion and Design Schools 

20 lessons per week

The preparatory course for Fashion and Design Schools is an intensive course specially designed for motivated students who need to improve their Italian language skills in preparation for their studies.

The course aim is to provide students with linguistic tools that will enable them to understand and follow design classes with ease, as well as giving them an overview of fashion or design in Italy.

The didactical material used in class will be adapted to the students’ linguistic competence.

All of our teachers are university qualified, with a high level of professionalism and experience in the teaching of Italian for fashion and design. They have taught in the most prestigious fashion and design schools in Milan for many years. The teaching staff have developed over the years a range of didactical material, texts and activities specifically for students who will need Italian for their academic studies in Fashion or Design 

You will participate actively in class, work will be on texts, audio and visual material. Students will explore the history of Italian design and fashion over the last century through slide lecture, reading assignments and on-site visits to places of interest for fashion, art and design. Attention will be given to the major artistic, socio-political and technological events and their influence on Italian fashion or design.

Italian + Internship

Throughout the year this school offers you the opportunity to participate in day-to-day business activities and practice your Italian skills in real-life situations through an unpaid internship experience in an Italian company or organization. The first part of the program includes a language preparatory course to improve your Italian skills. In the second part of the program you will be placed in a company or organization in your field of interest. The purpose of this type of placement is to enable you to improve Italian language skills with daily practice in an Italian working environment, improve your professional skill, understand how work is conducted in Italy and, understand work ethic and experience cultural diversity.

The internships are unpaid and students are expected to fund/pay for their entire stay in Italy.


Italian language knowledge at an intermediate level equivalent to level 6 or CEF level B1

Diploma/university degree or professional experience in the chosen field

Minimum Age 18+

Study Visa is required for programs with a duration over 3 months.


The standard or intensive courses in general Italian prepare students to meet the linguistic requirements to follow the internship program in Italy.

Work is in a small group and covers all aspects of the language with a particular emphasis on developing communicative skills in speaking and writing. As no translation is used in the classroom participant will be quickly able to understand and communicate in Italian.


Participants who have completed the Italian preparatory course are eligible for the internship placement in an Italian company. Placements are based on students’ qualification and work experience in the chosen area.


Hospitality and Tourism: hotel, travel agencies

Restaurants and bakeries

Professional offices: architects, lawyers


Textile: clothes manufacturing, dressmaking workshops

Fashion (Business, Merchandising, Design)

Design (Interior, Graphic, Industrial)

Photography (Fashion, press agency)


Meeting with internship coordinator to define details of work experience

Selection of company according to your area of interests, experience and availability in the chosen field

Assistance for permit of stay procedures

Interviews with the selected companies

Monitoring and defining the agreement between you and the Company

Insurance to cover workplace accidents for the duration of the program

Appointment of a tutor within the company

Regular monitoring and evaluation of your work experience

Certificate indicating your participation in the program


You should enroll at least 2 months before the beginning of the Program sending to the school

Application form in which the duration of language preparatory course & Internship experience must be clearly indicated.

Your Curriculum Vitae with description of studies, qualifications and work experience

A letter explaining the reasons for participating in the program

A description of the type of internship experience to be undertaken, indicating field of preference.

The school will confirm whether it is possible to arrange the internship program.



This is the ideal situation for students who wish to experience Italian daily life and to practice the language in an informal atmosphere. Naturally it will take a little time to settle in and get used to your new environment, but it will be without doubt an interesting experience. For all minor students the school will reserve only homestay accommodation. Most of the homestay  have only single rooms and twin rooms (for two students coming together) are available only on request. Homestay accommodation offers a variety of meal arrangements: breakfast, half board and use of the kitchen.

Your hosts - The school has a wide variety of families. Some consist of young couples, either with or without children, some are older, some are single parent families and others are widows living alone. Living with an Italian family will be very helpful for practicing your Italian. Whoever your hosts are, they will be accustomed to having visitors stay with them. They will want to make sure you are happy and comfortable in their home.

Other guests in the same accommodation - You may not be the only guest staying in this accommodation. If there is another visitor he/she will speak a different language to you, so you will have plenty of opportunity to practice speaking Italian.


Half Board – Breakfast and dinner, served every day including week ends.

Breakfast – You will be served a typical Italian breakfast every day of the week. This option does not foresee using the hosts kitchen to prepare other meals.

Use of the kitchen – This is a self catering solution, though living with a host family, you can prepare your own meals and buy your own food.

Location. Homestays are located both in centre or residential areas surrounding the centre at maximum distance of 30 minutes by public transport from the school.

Rooms. Single or twin (only available for two students traveling together).

Bathroom. To be shared with host family. Private bathroom available only on request.

Internet. Available in most homestays family.

Min. Age 16+. Minors can be only booked in homestay accommodation with half board.

Duration. This accommodation can be booked for minimum 2 weeks.

Booking. The accommodation is booked from the Sunday before your course starts to the Saturday after it ends.

Shared Flat 

This self catering option is for students who want to be more independent by renting a room in a flat shared with other students. For this accommodation option the minimum age required is 18+. You have complete freedom and are not expected to join in family life.

You can choose a single or a twin room (available only for two students coming together) in a completely furnished flat with 3 or more bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom to be shared with other students. Sheets and towels are provided. All our accommodation is of high quality and never more than 30 minutes journey by public transport. We take great care in selecting our accommodation.

Other guests in the same accommodation – The other guests in the flat will speak a different language to you, so you will have plenty of opportunity to practice speaking Italian.

Location. Shared flats are located in residential areas surrounding the centre at maximum distance of 30 minutes by public transport from the school.

Rooms. Single or twin (only available for two students traveling together).

Bathroom. To be shared with other students in the apartment.

Internet WI-FI. Available in most flats.

Utilities. Heating, electricity, water are included in the accommodation fee.

Min. Age. 18+. 

Duration. This accommodation can be booked for minimum 2 weeks.

Booking. The accommodation is booked from the Sunday before your course starts to the Saturday after it ends.

Independent Flat 

This option is suitable for those who want the privacy and independence of their own furnished apartment. For this accommodation option the minimum age required is 18+.

We provide furnished studios or small apartments, for one or two people, they are of varying category and dimension, fully furnished with an equipped kitchen. Kitchen tools, bedlinen and bath towels are provided. This option can be reserved for minimum 4 weeks. For shorter stays the school can provide contact details of real estate agencies specialized in daily and weekly flat rental.

Location. Independent flats are are located in residential areas surrounding the centre at maximum distance of 30 minutes by public transport from the school.

Flats. Studio flat or small apartments for two persons.

Internet WiFi. Free of charge in all flats.

Min. Age. 18+ . 

Duration. This accommodation can be booked for minimum 4 week.

Booking. The accommodation is booked from the Sunday before your course starts to the Saturday after it ends.

Utilities.To be paid based upon consumption.

Student Residences

The school offers student residence accommodation only  few stops away from the location of the school. You can choose to stay in an upscale student residence provided with state of the art facilities such as a self service restaurant, common room with TV and video games and fitness centre.

Students may also opt for a budget residence accommodation. All rooms are provided with private or shared en-suite bathroom, Wi-Fi connection available 24h/day and air-conditioning. 

Sheets and towels are provided, service includes also weekly cleaning of the room. For this accommodation option the minimum age required is 18+.
Location. Just a few stops from Duomo and Stazione Centrale (main Train Station).
Traveling time. 20 minutes by bus and underground to our school.
Single and double rooms are well-equipped with modern furnishings; every room is equipped with bed, wardrobe, desk, chairs, bookshelf, bathroom with shower, one telephone for each bed, internet connection, independent heating and air conditioning. Cleaning of the room once a week; changing of bed and bath linen once a week.
Facilities. Self-service restaurant; garden terrace, 5 luminous study rooms equipped with internet connection, heating and air conditioning; common area with Tv and video games, fully equipped gym; laundry facilities with pay-per-use washer-dryers.
Security. Reception is open 24 per day and has a video surveillance system active 24 hours per day. Entrance only with swipe card.

Internet. Broadband internet is available in each room. Wireless internet is also available in the common areas of the residence.
Meals. Hot meals are available daily with meals ranging from soups, pasta selections, and a salad buffet. Meals are not included in the rent and they are offered at very reasonable prices. If students wish to prepare their own meal a common kitchen is also available for them.
Min. age. Suitable for students aged 18+.
Duration. This accommodation can be booked for minimum 1 week.

A rich program to enjoy Milan

During your stay in Milan you will have the possibility to experience the social and cultural life through a program of cultural and leisure activities organized by the school.

This school offers several activities a week, these usually include guided visits to the most important museums and galleries, lectures on various aspects of contemporary Italian culture and society, a selection of famous Italian movies shown regularly at school, evenings out for aperitivo in trendy cafés, walks in typical and interesting areas of Milan.

The program is designed to allow you to enjoy yourself, experience Milan, your Italian and getting to know better other students.

It is run with a team of teachers who will always be with you to help you improve your Italian and better understand the Italian way of life.


Excursions are run in cooperation with a local tour operator. Full day excursions to famous Italian cities close to Milan and to most renowned sites are organized during the weekends usually on Saturday and Sunday.

Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, Venice, Verona, 5 Terre (seaside), S. Margherita Ligure and Portofino.

Art history visits

These are guided visits to the most important museums and galleries: Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, Pinacoteca di Brera, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, Palazzo Reale, Museo del ‘900, Da Vinci’s Last Supper.

There will be always a member of the school’s staff with you.


Various aspects of contemporary Italian culture and society are presented: Italian Fashion, Italian Design, Italian Cuisine, Italian Wines, Italian Gestures, Italian Traditions, Italian Opera.


A selection of famous Italian films is shown regularly at school.

Milan by night


Welcome and farewell dinners, musical events, disco and typical bars.

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